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I am trying to download following comics: http://comicsbook.ru/upload/Комикс-Amazing-Super-Powers-Минутка-наркомании-81619.jpg Sorry for url, but it is just image. You can easily look it in browser, even download via browser, but if I wget this url, I get html page, not image. What do I do wrong? I also tried perl download module. Same result.

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if the referer is not set in the request, the server is redirecting(301) to a web page I was able to get the jpg image by referer in header to: http://comicsbook.ru/funny/81619?minutka-narkomanii

wget --referer="http://comicsbook.ru/funny/81619?minutka-narkomanii" http://comicsbook.ru/upload/Комикс-Amazing-Super-Powers-Минутка-наркомании-81619.jpg
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Thanks! It just works! –  KAction Dec 29 '12 at 8:47

It means the default content-type is text/html. You have to set the content type you want through the setContentType() method of your corresponding library. Here is an example in java

HttpGet request = new HttpGet(URL);
request.addHeader("accept", "image/jpeg");
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Thanks! I should learn more about http. –  KAction Dec 29 '12 at 8:47

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