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I'm planning to write an application using Zope2; it's not going to be a CMS-ish application but let's say it's a rudimentary "accounting and finance" application. From what I could understand so far (mostly by reading Zope 2 Book), this is not an “instance-space” application and should be written in “Python packages” form.

I've been searching the net for many hours to find a tutorial or a guide on how to start such a project with no luck. What I need, basically, is:

  1. How to create the initial structure of the project? I'm looking for some tool equivalent to grokproject for Zope2.

  2. A very simple example application so I can understand how things are put together. I have absolutely no idea about this and I couldn't find any reference to this topic in Zope 2 Book.

I've already checked Zope 2 Wiki, which hardly looks like a wiki BTW :-), but couldn't find anything useful for my case.

So I'd really appreciate if you could share anything useful in this regard with me.


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Found Zope Developer's Guide. I'm not sure if it's up-to-date as I have just started reading it. – Bahman M. Jan 1 '13 at 5:35
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The following, though bumpy, got me started:

  • Zope 2 Developer's Guide
  • Zope 2 Book
  • ZopeSkel for project creationg and doing the initial boilerplate
  • Zope-ers' priceless help on StackOverflow :-)
  • Not sure if I should recommend it but reading other products' code (specially SilvaForum and OFS.Folder) really helped me clear thing up in my mind.
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