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I'm new to appcelerator titanium IDE, previously I was working on Xcode.

In xcode I'm relied on the keyboard shortcuts for saving my coding time.

Now I'm struggling with titanium, because I don't know any keyboard shortcuts in titanium IDE. In Xcode commenting a block of code (cmd+\), shifting them to left(cmd+}) or right(cmd+{) was very easy. In titanium now I'm manually doing it for each line of code !

Can anybody help me to find the shortcuts for titanium IDE in MAC ?

If this is not the right place to ask this question. please pardon me

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Midhun, Titanium IDE is just same as Eclipse IDE and simple. I've given some important shortcuts below

  • cmd + / for commenting a block of code
  • tab for moving a block of statement to right
  • shift + tab for move a block of code to left
  • cmd + shift + F11 for run your project
  • cmd + F11 for debug your project
  • cmd + shift + B for toggle breakpoint
  • cmd + F Find and Replace

You can use this link to modify your keyboard shortcuts for Titanium Studio in windows and in editor window, you can press Shift + Cmd + L to see all available shortcuts. Comment, uncomment and toggle comment are there. It tells all the shortcut for titanium studio

Happy programming:)

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Thanks for the extensive anser, Anand! However, in Titanium Studio 3.2.0 for Mac, there is no way to set the 'comment' shortcut. It's just not in the list of commands whose shortcut you can set. Thankfully Cmd + / does work (though it's not in the list) – Wytze Jan 29 '14 at 8:08
In Titanium Studio 3.2.0 for Mac cmd + shift + F11 does not work. No solution yet. – Yozef Mar 5 '14 at 22:52

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