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I need to change dynamicaly the attribute value to make changes in color picker on:

<input id="uno" type="minicolors" name="123"   data-slider="wheel" />

theese are equivalent


the value is shown in text area but it doesn't change the slider on the color picker!

I tried this but doesn't work!

// $('input[name="123"]').attr('rgbObject',str[1]);  // no
// $('input[name="123"]').attr('rgbString',str[1]);  //no
// $.minicolors.rgbString(str[1]); //no

this is for test variable => do the job

$('input[name=123]').css("background", str[1]); // <==background text area color for testing

which attribute I have to work?


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what is str[1] in your code –  Manish Nagar Dec 29 '12 at 11:18

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Here you can see how it works: http://labs.abeautifulsite.net/jquery-miniColors/

You have to use


once you have changed the text value to refresh the color picker.

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