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I downloaded the ADT Bundle and now cannot run sqlite from the tools directory.

red-planet@desktop:~/Adt-bundle/sdk/tools$ ls 
adb_has_moved.txt  ddms            emulator64-mips  etc1tool         lint          proguard           templates
android            dmtracedump     emulator64-x86   hierarchyviewer  mksdcard  traceview
ant                draw9patch      emulator-arm     hprof-conv       monitor       sqlite3            uiautomatorviewer
apkbuilder         emulator        emulator-mips    jobb             monkeyrunner  support            zipalign
apps               emulator64-arm  emulator-x86     lib              NOTICE.txt    systrace
red-planet@desktop:~/Adt-bundle/sdk/tools$ sqlite3 
bash: /home/red-planet/Adt-bundle/sdk/tools/sqlite3: No such file or directory
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The solution.

I found the solution. I am working on 64-bit Ubuntu and had to make 64-bit applications work on the 64-bit operating system.

sudo apt-get install ia32-libs

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add ./ before executable files in linux. try this

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It's taken no effect. red-planet@desktop:~/Adt-bundle/sdk/tools$ ./sqlite3 bash: ./sqlite3: No such file or directory red-planet@desktop:~/Adt-bundle/sdk/tools$ – Maksim Dmitriev Dec 29 '12 at 13:59

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