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I've seen some code using anonymous immediate-called function for encapsulation look like this

    var ABC = ...

    function XYZ(){

Are ABC or XYZ() completely inaccessible (through script injection/hijack)?

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In the sample you provided the variable and function are completely inaccessible out of the self-invoked function scope

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An object O is "completely inaccessible" in a scope once the scope has 0 variables referring to either

  • the object itself
  • any object that O is a descendant property of
  • a function that has closed over either of the above

In this case, none of the above are available: you do not have a reference to the contents of ABC outside the scope of the IIFE, and you do not have a reference to any objects it is a property of. This means it is now inaccessible. However, if you were to close over ABC with XYZ, and return XYZ, it is now possible to access ABC through XYZ:

var outerXYZ = (function(){
    var ABC = "foo";

    function XYZ(){
        return ABC;

    return XYZ;

// no way to access ABC directly, but

var outerABC = outerXYZ();

The script injection/hijack part is too vague to answer meaningfully.

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Sorry didn't look what XYZ does. –  Jan Dvorak Dec 29 '12 at 14:30

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