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I have an empty dataset added to my application. I want to populate it with some content. I do it in the following way

DataRow newrow = filteredLeads.Tables["filterLeads"].NewRow();
String fn = row.Field<String>("First Name");
String ln = row.Field<String>("Last Name");
Double ph = row.Field<Double>("Phone");
String ad = row.Field<String>("Address");

newrow["First Name"] = fn;
newrow["Last Name"] = ln;
newrow["Phone"] = ph;
newrow["Address"] = ad;


But i get an error on the last line saying system.nullReferenceException. My dataset is empty and i've defined a table on it name filterLeads. What's happening.

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Your DataSet has table with name filterLeads not Leads. As you said in your question defined a table on it name filterLeads




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Thank you. Pardon my ignorance. –  Saiesh Dec 29 '12 at 14:32

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