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Running yeoman server:test opens Jasmine in my browser and says that my test has passed. Now I want to try the same, but without a browser - using PhantomJS on the CLI. Unfortunately, running yeoman test only throws a:

Running "jasmine:all" (jasmine) task
Running specs for index.html
>> 0 assertions passed in 0 specs (0ms)

Why doesn't it find any tests, even though everything is included in my test/index.html and works pretty well using yeoman server:test?

I used yeoman init jasmine:app --force over my project and adjusted the Gruntfile.js as described here. It looks like that:

// headless testing through PhantomJS
jasmine: {
    all: ["test/**/*.html"]
// Alias the `test` task to run the `jasmine` task instead
grunt.registerTask("test", "jasmine");

Note: My tests are written in CoffeeScript.

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After some research I found out that PhantomJS is not able to find the files at the same location as ´yeoman server´ or yeoman server:test does.

I precised my question in another thread: Running tests in both headless and browser

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