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I'm using PGAdmin 1.14.3.

When I try to execute an import command:

COPY grad(country_code, postal_code, place_name, admin_name1, admin_code1, admin_name2, admin_code2, admin_name3, admin_code3, latitude, longitude, accuracy)
FROM 'C:\\Users\\denis\\Desktop\\BP2Project\\USA\\US.txt';

I get a

ERROR: could not open file "C:\Users\denis\Desktop\BP2Project\USA\US.txt" for reading: Permission denied SQL state: 42501

I did look up other similar questions and none of them solved my issue.

I logged in as user "postgres" who is the superuser. I don't see why I'm missing permissions. I'm on Windows 7.

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The user Postgres must have read access on the file from which you are about to copy.

Look at this article to see how to modify files' security access on Windows.

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How do I set permissions to postgres then? –  Tool Dec 29 '12 at 16:38
@Tool: The system user "postgres" needs the rights in the file system. Not to confuse with the database user "postgres". And we are talking about a file local to the server, right? If not, you can't use SQL COPY this way. Look for the psql meta-command \copy in this case. –  Erwin Brandstetter Dec 29 '12 at 17:33

The permissions article mentioned in the answer by Houari and Flimzy is a good reference material, but a direct answer (the quick fix I used) is:

  • Right click the folder containing the data file(s) that permission was denied to and then click Properties.
  • In the Folder's Properties window, select the Security tab.
  • Click the Edit button.
  • In the "Permissions for the folder" window that opened, click the Add... button.
  • Type Everyone into the "Enter the object names to select" text area box.
  • Click OK and the window will close.
  • Verify that the default Read & Execute permissions were set to Allow via the check checkbox in the previous window.
  • Click OK and the window will close.
  • Click the Apply button in the Folder Properties window.

Now you can run the SQL COPY statement that needs to access those files.

  • Once done, return to the Folder's Properties window.
  • Click the Edit button.
  • Select the Everyone entry in the "Group or user names:" field.
  • Click the Remove button.
  • Click OK on the remaining open windows.

The permissions have now been return to what they were.

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Responses to this problem on different threads go something like this 1. "Tell me exactly what command you used" 2. "Make sure you have right permissions" 3. "Just use /copy"

I just tried giving permissions to Everyone on the cvs file I am trying to copy from, and it is still giving me the permission denied error. I think this functionality is broken and has been broken for multiple consecutive releases over multiple consecutive versions of Windows.

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On the second look, setting user permissions to 'Evereyone' seems to have some effect. –  Alex Sep 19 '13 at 19:41

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