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i have a problem with method dateFromString, here is my code

NSString* res = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@/%@/%@",dateInput.text,monthInput.text,yearInput.text];
NSDateFormatter* formatter = [[NSDateFormatter alloc]init];
[formatter setTimeZone:[NSTimeZone localTimeZone]];
[formatter setDateFormat:@"dd/MM/yy"];
NSDate* inpTime = [formatter dateFromString:res];
[dateResult setText:[NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@",inpTime]];

when I run, the date in "inpTime" always is "dateInput" - 1. for example: if "dateInput" is 5, the date in "inpTime" will be 4

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Your code is perfect..no error!!!, try cleaning the target. –  Anoop Vaidya Dec 29 '12 at 16:11

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You need to adjust the timezone.


[formatter setTimeZone:[NSTimeZone localTimeZone]];


[formatter setTimeZone:[NSTimeZone timeZoneWithName:@"UTC"]];

This is because you're not setting the time, so it's set by default the midnight UTC. But when you are displaying the date with a timezone other than UTC the time is shifted accordingly.

As an example if you live in New York the 12/29/2012 00:00:00 UTC is actually the 12/28/2012 18:00:00 for you.

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thank you, my problem was solve, can you explain why I need to change localTimeZone to timeZoneWithName:@"UTC" :D –  zai zai ty bon Dec 29 '12 at 16:21
For an explanation check my updated answer. –  Gabriele Petronella Dec 29 '12 at 16:28
thank you very much :D –  zai zai ty bon Dec 29 '12 at 16:34
ok, if I want to setting the time not be the midnight UTC, what should I do ??? –  zai zai ty bon Dec 29 '12 at 16:58
Simply provide it, then set the timezone you want in the dateFormatter. Use the same dateFormatter for reading the string and displaying it and you're good, since it will be using the same timezone. –  Gabriele Petronella Dec 29 '12 at 17:01

You Code is perfect, no error what so ever.

Try nslogging dateInput.text, monthInput.text and yearInput.text...might be from here you are getting invalid data.

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thanks, I will check it again :D –  zai zai ty bon Dec 29 '12 at 16:19

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