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Im trying to connect a signal to a slot and pass through a vector but im not having much luck.

res = QObject::connect(storePayments, SIGNAL(existingPurchasesResponseSuccess(std::vector<QString>)), this, SLOT(RefreshPurchasesSuccess(std::vector<QString>)));


void RefreshPurchasesSuccess(std::vector<QString>);

void Store::RefreshPurchasesSuccess(std::vector<QString> previousPurchasesArray)
 //do something


void existingPurchasesResponseSuccess(std::vector<QString>);

vector<QString> previousPurchasesArray;
emit existingPurchasesResponseSuccess(previousPurchasesArray);

It says the signal/slot is not defined, but when I take out the vector it works, so it must be something wrong with that. Am I defining it wrong?


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it's easy to make a typo when writing out signals and slots. Try a typedef. –  user1095108 Dec 29 '12 at 16:28
Please post the exact error message you're getting, and the exact syntax you have in your class declarations for the signal and slot. (You've got std:: prefixes in most places - good - except the last place - looks suspicious.) –  Mat Dec 29 '12 at 16:29
Any particular reason to use std::vector to store QStrings? If not, better use QStringList (which is typedef for QList <QString>). Might solve your problem too, if error is because you have not registered srd::string as metatype (not sure if you need to). –  hyde Dec 29 '12 at 16:45
@hyde I get the error QList <QString>" can not be resolved –  panthro Dec 29 '12 at 16:54
@hyde +1 but with one exception - it's not a typedef, but derived class with some additional methods. –  doc Dec 29 '12 at 19:59

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If you use custom structure like std::vector<QString> you must declare and register metatype


"Ideally, this macro should be placed below the declaration of the class or struct. If that is not possible, it can be put in a private header file which has to be included every time that type is used in a QVariant." -- Qt documentation on Q_DECLARE_METATYPE

For queued connections you may need qRegisterMetatype

 qRegisterMetaType<std::vector<QString> >();

qRegisterMetaType can be called for example in main() even before QApplication::exec().

Also remember that you must use Q_OBJECT macro if your class declares any signals or slots.

"The Q_OBJECT macro must appear in the private section of a class definition that declares its own signals and slots or that uses other services provided by Qt's meta-object system."

If you have no reason to use std::vector<QString> then it would be much simpler to use QStringList, which is already known to Qt's meta-object system, provides many convenient methods to manipulate its content and as a standard Qt type will fit to non-yours slot definitions.

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