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This is the code I have:

$orders = Array();

foreach ($unassigned as $uorder) {
    $array = Array(
        "ordid"   => $uorder->idord,
        "fecha"   => $uorder->datorod,
        "cliente" => $uorder->idcli

    array_push($orders[$uorder->user_id], $array);


Which results:

Array (
    [vendor1] => 
    [vendor2] => 

I want to make some kind of sort

So I could use $orders[vendor1][0][ordid] to find the first order that the vendor made.

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You have to assign $orders[$uorder->user_id] as an array first, otherwise it doesn't make sense to push an item onto it. Additionally, you can use the shorthand append notation:

    $orders[$uorder->user_id] = array();
$orders[$uorder->user_id][] = $array;
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thank you very much it really help me a lot .... it was driving me crazy thanks so much !!! – David Noreña Dec 29 '12 at 17:18

In your foreach loop check if $orders[$uorder->user_id] is an array, if not create one.

foreach($unassigned as $uorder):

    if(! is_array($orders[$uorder->user_id]))
        $orders[$uorder->user_id] = array();

    array_push($orders[$uorder->user_id],Array("ordid" => $uorder->idord, "fecha" =>  $uorder->datorod, "cliente" => $uorder->idcli));
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ok I've just fixed my code !! thanks so much !!! – David Noreña Dec 29 '12 at 17:19

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