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So this error is driving me crazy, I've search the web multiple times, ran a few things and no results. I get the following error when using yum.

[root@texas pycurl-7.19.0]# yum update
Fatal Python error: pycurl: libcurl link-time version is older than compile-timeversion

[root@texas pycurl-7.19.0]# rpm -qa | grep pycurl
[root@texas pycurl-7.19.0]# rpm -qa | grep curl
[root@texas pycurl-7.19.0]# 

[root@texas /]# locate libcurl.so

[root@texas /]# locate pycurl

I've recompiled my directadmin build with curl and no change after that either. (I already had directadmin with curl working fine before)

Any help is appreciated.

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@Rubens thanks, did not know. When I first asked a question here somebody told me not to do that, so I took that to memory. I have accepted an answer on all my questions now. Now any help here is appreciated, lost. –  Vernard Dec 30 '12 at 16:37
Is the time on your server correct via the date command? Are you using zend? Have you run ldconfig? –  Forrest Dec 30 '12 at 19:41
@Forrest [root@texas supa]# ldconfig [root@texas supa]# yum update Fatal Python error: pycurl: libcurl link-time version is older than compile-time version Aborted [root@texas supa]# date Wed Jan 9 05:40:03 MSK 2013 [root@texas supa]# Zend optimizer is enabled. –  Vernard Jan 9 '13 at 2:41

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I have found that VMWare Toolkit caused this issue on CentOS VMs.

vi /etc/ld.so.conf.d/vmware-tools-libraries.conf

and add the following two lines at the top (assuming you're 64-bit):

/lib64 /usr/lib64

Save, and "ldconfig".

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Same issue here, thanks. –  Ethereal Jun 9 '14 at 21:44

I just had the same problem after having added a bunch of libraries to the ldconfig path. (I needed to install the RPostgreSQL in my local R install, and was missing libpq.so and some others; I happened to have a package that had all that --and more-- and simply added the libs of that package via ldconfig; that royally screwed up yum and pycurl etc.)

So, I just selected the minimal set of libs I wanted and added them to some place in /usr/local/lib/rpostgresql-depend, then added that via ldconfig. Now both that RPostgreSQL package in R and yum work.

Your problem might be a variation of this.

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I just had the same issue. Someone just played with LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

unset LD_LIBRARY_PATH; yum update


LD_LIBRARY_PATH='' yum update

does the trick for me.

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