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My apologies as I'm very much a "Java noob." Anyways, I think I've dumbed this problem down sufficiently to ask in a way that is straight-forward and will get me the answer I want. Let's say I have two files, both in my home directory, as follows:

class Test
    public static void main(String args[])


class Test2
    public static void test()
        System.out.println("Hello World!");

Now if I leave these files as is, when I run "gcj --main=Test", naturally I get an error saving Test2 is undefined. But I have no idea what I need to add to tell it where to find Test2. I tried adding "import Test2;", "import Test2.*;", and "import;" to the top of, but clearly I'm not on the right track here. What do I need to do to link these files together and get it to compile?

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(Stuff about classpath removed) gcj doesn't follow normal java rules


gcj *.java --main=Test

instead of what you supplied, it works.

But still--put your stuff in packages and specify a classpath for anything beyond testing.

Better yet, use Eclipse with a gcj plugin!

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