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I am looking for examples on how to create nested JSON output using JBuilder.

I want to create and output similar to this:

    "name": "John Doe", 
    "reservations": [
            "restaurant": "ABC",
            "reservation_time": "2012/12/01 20:00", 
            "details": {
                "address": "somewhere", 
                "rating": "5"
            "restaurant": "CDE",
            "reservation_time": "2012/12/04 20:00", 
            "details": {
                "address": "somewhere else", 
                "rating": "3"
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json.name user.name

json.array!(@reservations) do |json, reservation|
    json.restaurant reservation.restaurant.name
    json.reservation_time reservation.time

    json.details do 
        json.address reservation.restaurant.address 
        json.rating reservation.restaurant.rating 
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This seems like there's a lot of code duplication with this assuming you could also view a single reservation. –  Keith Smiley Oct 28 '13 at 21:46

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