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Is there any possible to insert bulk of records from MS-Excel file to Sqlite Database using Android.If anybody can so please give a sample code here.. Because i have around 1100 records in Excel and i have to use those records in my app. Can anyone help me to save my time...

Thanks in Advance..

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Can't you convert excel to csv? (like in It's not impossible to read excel files directly but it's a big pain compared to a simple text based format -… – zapl Dec 29 '12 at 17:59
Thanks for your suggestion.. I got some idea to work on it.. – Arulkannan Dec 29 '12 at 18:12

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Get yourself a OleDB provider for Sqllite, then connecting to the database you could use ADO (old school), or you could use a COM+ dll which you could activate via CreateObject() a good place to start is and one ive actually used before

you can also use

may be you can convert excel file into JSON and then using JSON parse you can re-entered data in to sqlite

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