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I have a backbone collection of models with each model containing a date. (this represents calendar entries and the collection is a weeks worth) I need to split the collection into multiple collections grouped by date. (eg: group each calendar entry by day but have the whole week available as a collection)

Collection: [M:{dateA, ...},
             M:{dateA, ...},
             M:{dateB, ...},
             M:{dateC, ...}]

Split into:

 {Collection1: [M:{dateA, ...},
                M:{dateA, ...}]
 {Collection2: [M:{dateB, ...}]
 {Collection3: [M:{dateC, ...}]

I have come to the solution in a round about way using underscore and finding all the unique dates and using those to filter into the array of collections but I was wondering if there was a simpler way. To filter them?

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This question seems have already been answered here:

How to use groupBy in Backbone.js to group collections?

Hope that helps.

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