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Using an object that extends HibernateDaoSupport, I ran a query using this right here:

List<Object> trialList2 = getSession().createSQLQuery(trialQuery2).list();   

Where trialQuery2 is just some query that returned a single row. I got back a list with one Object on it, which when inspected in Eclipse looks like this:

[some, random, data]

I'd like to create an Object that can accommodate what I got back from the query, but a simple Javabean object that can has those fields doesn't seem to work. Does anyone know what kind of object I would have to make to be able to access those values?

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It would be actually Object[] not Object

List<Object[]> trialList2

Based on columns in your select query, you get values from index

Let us say, if your query is select firstname, lastname from employee;

Object[0] would be firstname

Object[1] would be lastname.

As per documentation :

These will return a List of Object arrays (Object[]) with scalar values for each column in the table

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U can replace any class name for BEANCLASSNAME

List<BEANCLASSNAME> trialList2 = getSession().createSQLQuery(trialQuery2).setResultTransformer(new AliasToBeanResultTransformer(BEANCLASSNAME.class)).list();
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