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I'm trying to integrate MFSideMenu in my project but I don't want to adopt the approach described in the GitHub depository as it defines the menu in the app delegate.

I have a login screen which will introduce a navigation controller with the main page as reported in this pictureenter image description here

I would like to add the support for MFSideMenu in the navigationcontroller root controller using this code:

- (id)initWithCoder:(NSCoder *)aDecoder {
    self = [super initWithCoder:aDecoder];
    if (self) {
        // Custom initialization
        self.sideMenuController = [[SideMenuViewController alloc] init];
        UINavigationController *navigationController = self.navigationController;

        MFSideMenuOptions options = MFSideMenuOptionMenuButtonEnabled|MFSideMenuOptionBackButtonEnabled
        MFSideMenuPanMode panMode = MFSideMenuPanModeNavigationBar|MFSideMenuPanModeNavigationController;

        MFSideMenu *sideMenu = [MFSideMenu menuWithNavigationController:navigationController

        sideMenuController.sideMenu = sideMenu;

    return self;

When I run the app the menu button appears in my navigation bar and everything seems working fine but,if I introduce the navigation controller through a modal segue (i.e. a login screen which goes to the navigation controller in case of a correct login) the button disappears.

Any idea about how to fix it?

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