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The following query i have tried, is working fine while running in sqlite manager using the database, But while i try to execute the same in my C program the query is not being executed.

Query: "SELECT * FROM Object WHERE Path like ? "

Order of query execution:

sprintf(buf,"'/%d -%%%%'",objNum); (buf= '/x -%%')

An example row in the table(object)

Path                  artist        album       genre
/0 - xxxx.mp3         xxxxx        yyyyy        zzzzz
/1 - aaaa.mp3         wwwww        yyyyy        qqqqq

I have to use the number in the start of the path to get the rest of the details in the table. any help is much appreciated. :)

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The number surely isn't x (what is the actual value?), and you don't need two %. –  CL. Dec 30 '12 at 10:29
I have added x as a placeholder for a integer, and the % were just what I have tried.. Which didn't work for me :-( –  goutham Dec 30 '12 at 13:18

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Don't use single quotes for parameters strings; all data in parameters is taken directly without any changes. Use:

sprintf(buf, "/%d -%%", objNum);
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