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I want to check my item to became unique in my database and the item exist in the databasemit must be clear(this item).

So I use trigger when-validate-item for this item and trigger when-timer-expired for the form global.

This is my code :

//trigger when-Validate-item :

  i number;    
  vTimer TIMER;
  IF //condition then
      i := show_alert('ERROR');    
      /* Create a timer with a 10 Millisecond delay */
      vTimer :=create_timer('TEMP',10,no_repeat);

//trigger when-timer-expired

GO_BLOCK ('name_block');    

But in runtime, I get this error:

FRM-40202 Field must be entered

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  1. to enforce uniqueness, you should use a unique constraint on the table.

  2. to clear the item, you can just assign NULL to it in your w-v-i trigger, you don't need a timer; but this is not recommended because it is likely to confuse and irritate your users.

  3. you're probably getting FRM-40202 because your timer tries to navigate away from the item which is marked as Required.

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