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I need to classify automotive product part numbers into specific product groups. Product descriptions vary widely yet part of description will determine classification.

Product tables often have thousands of part numbers/descriptions.

Product table:

product ID: Description: adn12356 Micra brake pads 00> adn12478 Primera b.pad 1.6 dsl adn15687 Almera lh brake cable adt32312 Toyota oil filter adt32313 Land crusier fuel filter 20mm hole

Class Table class: Code: brake pad BP00 b.pad BP00 B.CABLE BC00 BRAKE CABLE BC00 OIL FILTER FO00 FUEL FIL. FF00 FUEL FILTER FF00

Required result from MySql query: adn12356 BP00 adn12478 BP00 adn15687 BC00 adt32312 FO00 adt32313 FF00

I understand query will contain a 'select where'..and a 'like' command but I'm flumaxed if I can work it out. Any ideas anybody? Gerry F.

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Please check the link below is a good starting point.


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Did not post question without checking out current SQL textbooks. Programming not my dicipline. Misunderstood the spirit of 'Stackoverflow', but thanks for recommending the blindingly obvious, Gerry F –  user1935658 Dec 30 '12 at 1:40
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