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I have the following HTML:

   <div class="button accessLink"

What I need to do is when the user clicks on the div then I want to call the URL "/User/Account/Login" and then get the contents. I have the following code but I am not sure. Do I need to use Ajax and if so how can I code it to call the URL.

      .click(function () {

      return false;

I want to take the contents and place these inside this HTML:

<article id="article" class="container_12">

Any advice on how I can do this would be much appreciated.

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Use jQuary 'Load' function here is a link to the documentation –  Mortalus Dec 29 '12 at 19:26

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You may use data to get the href and load to load the content :

 $('#loginLink').click(function () {
     return false;
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Use jQuary 'Load' function here is a link to the documentation

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Since it's located on the same origin, you can use jQuery's load() function:

$('#loginLink').click(function (e) {
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