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Just wondering what is the difference between Eclipse JUNO ,and ADT from android developers site. Witch is better to use on ubutnu 12.04?

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To develop android application you should use Eclipse and ADT. Eclipse is a development environment for multiple programming languages. For example, with the Java Development Tools (JDT) it support Java development. ADT (Android Development Tools) is an another extension of Eclipse to support Android development. It adds a lot of functionality to Eclipse e.g. debuging tools which help you while coding and running android applications. However, to run Eclipse with ADT you still need the Android SDK.

The android developers site is always a good start to develop android applications. You will find there everything you need.

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Sry , maybe my question was not specific enough. I just want to know the difference between ECLIPSE JUNO and ECLIPSE that is in ADT BUNLDE witch you can donwload form ADROID DEVELOPERS SITE , –  user1936991 Dec 29 '12 at 20:32
Ah ok. I assume that the eclipse from the android developers site already includes the adt. Opposite to that, if you use a regular eclipse juno, then you have install adt by yourself. I think in your case using the eclipse from the android developers site is the right choice. –  joel Dec 29 '12 at 23:04

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