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I'm a newbie in Jquery:

I've a click function and a change function: it seems that the change function "stop" the job of click function:

$(".calc").click(function() {

    for (i = 1; i <= 2; i++) {

        $("#p" + i).val(parseFloat((parseFloat($("#amount" + i).val())) / (parseFloat($("#q" + i).val()))).toFixed(5)).change();



$('.priceRow').change(function() {

    var q1 = parseFloat($('#q1').val(), 10);
    var qval1 = 0;
    if (q1 > 0) {
        qval1 = q1;

    var q2 = parseFloat($('#q2').val(), 10);
    var qval2 = 0;
    if (q2 > 0) {
        qval2 = q2;

    var p1 = parseFloat($('#p1').val(), 10);
    var puval1;
    if (p1 > 0) {
        puval1 = p1;
    var p2 = parseFloat($('#p2').val(), 10);
    var puval2 = 0;
    if (p2 > 0) {
        puval2 = p2;

    var subtot1;

    subtot1 = parseFloat(qval1 * puval1);

    var subtot2;
    subtot2 = parseFloat(qval2 * puval2);
    var subtot = 0;

  //  $('#amount2').val(parseFloat(subtot2).toFixed(2)).change();



html code

<div class="priceRow">
q1 : <input id="q1" value="0" class="priceRow"/>
p1 : <input id="p1" value="0" class="priceRow"/>
<a href="#" id="calc2" class="calc">calc</a>
<div class="priceRow">
 q2 :  <input id="q2" value="0"/>
 p2 :  <input id="p2" value="0" />
<a href="#" id="calc2" class="calc">calc</a> 
amount1: <input id="amount1" class="subtot">  </span><br>
amount2: <input id="amount2" class="subtot">  </span><br>

the click function not works on the second row: what's my mistake???

Many Thanks


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I suggest you start all over.

ID's can not be duplicated in a page. You should use class instead.

To work only with elements in a row you want to traverse to the main parent of the row using closest() and use find() to only look for elements in that row


   /* "this" is the current element clciked*/

    var $row= $(this).closest( '.priceRow')
     var q1=$row.find('.q1');/* note using class="q1" not ID*/

change event only happens on form inputs, so your $('.priceRow').change will never fire

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I think what you want is to attach the change event handler to the text boxes within price rows. A change event on a div is iffy, at best. Try updating your change event attachment to the following.

$('.priceRow input:text').change(...);
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to your input fields having id p2 and q2 . Currently only p1 and q1 have that

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