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I have the following SQL query in an SQLDataSource:

   stn_ID, stn_Name, stn_Website, stn_IsDestination, 
   stn_NRCode, stn_NRCodeExist, stn_PostCode, twn_ID 
   dbo.tbl_Station AS s 
   (stn_ID NOT IN (SELECT tds_Stn 
                   FROM dbo.tbl_tripDeptStation AS tr 
                   WHERE (tds_Trip LIKE @trip_ID))) 
   AND (stn_Name LIKE %@dept_search%)

However I receive a syntax error warning:

Incorrect syntax near '@dept_search'.

How can I correct the error? I require the % symbols to be in front and after the parameter, unless there is an alternative method. If I remove these symbols, the query runs correctly.

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The %'s must be in single quotes

(stn_Name LIKE '%' +@dept_search + '%')

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Thanks, works great! :) – StrattonL Dec 29 '12 at 22:20

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