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As I am using SendGrid service at heroku, I've noticed that when I send HTML based emails, the CSS has no effect, can any one tell me what could be wrong ?

I tried to send it as html.haml, html.erb, but both didn't work, although the images are viewed correctly in the sent emails.

Any idea ?

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Try using inline styles instead of an external stylesheet. Like this:

<div style="color:green;" id="div"></div>

instead of something like this:


<div id="div"></div>

(Thanks Kelvis Miho for pointing this out)

Edit: I searched for @Joe's text on Google, and I realized that most of it was copied from .

Edit: Joe edited his post to include the reference link.

Remember that most email clients don't support a lot of CSS, so you should mostly be using both images, and tables.

You could, for example, code a wonderful email design and then screenshot it. With tables, you could put the logo on the top in the center, the screenshoted beautiful "featured" pane on the left, the "discount" as the content in the center under the logo, ect.

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Thanks Dumb for explanation. – simo Dec 30 '12 at 7:25
@SamirSabri Thank's glad it helped! :) – user752723 Dec 30 '12 at 16:44
@SamirSabri Tell me if you have further trouble. :) – user752723 Dec 30 '12 at 16:45
@simo Gmail only supports inline styles, so it is good practice to inline all css for html email. Also, avoid divs in favor of tables. – John Jan 2 '13 at 20:10

What you CAN'T do:

  • Include a section with styles. Apple supports it, but Gmail and Hotmail do not, so it's a no-no. Hotmail will support a style section in the body but Gmail still doesn't.
  • Link to an external stylesheet. Not many email clients support this, best to just forget it.
  • Background-image / Background-position. Gmail is also the culprit on this one.
  • Clear your floats. Gmail again.
  • Margin. Yep, seriously, Hotmail ignores margins. Basically any CSS positioning at all doesn't work.
  • Font-anything. Chances are Eudora will ignore anything you try to declare with fonts.

There are quite a few more things you should be aware of. For a great complete list of what online email services support what, check out this article at Xavier Frenette.

What you CAN do.

In two words, inline styles. It's not as awful as you might think, since we are basically developing a one-off email, inline styles are not nearly as egregious as using them on a website.

from this site

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Background images will not work in outlook. – Klevis Miho Dec 29 '12 at 21:43
that is why that is part of the "can't do" list. – Joe Dec 29 '12 at 21:46
Ah a can't list. Sorry. – Klevis Miho Dec 29 '12 at 21:49
Also add display:block to img tags. – Klevis Miho Dec 30 '12 at 7:21
I would do the layout with tables. – Klevis Miho Dec 30 '12 at 7:24

You need to use inline styles.

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I've used to generate the email template, I thought they would care about the inline styles, but it seems that I will have to fix it my self, do you know a handy tool that would convert CSS to inline style ? – simo Dec 30 '12 at 5:59
Have a look at this – Klevis Miho Dec 30 '12 at 7:19
1+, thanks, its strange that Google dose not support CSS at all inside HTML emails though .. – simo Dec 30 '12 at 7:22
It supports it, but inline. – Klevis Miho Dec 30 '12 at 7:24
I see, thank you – simo Dec 30 '12 at 7:26

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