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I would like to use the built in Pytest runner of PyCharm together with the debugger without pre-configuring breakpoints.

The problem is that exceptions in my test are caught by Pytest so PyCharm's post mortem debugger cannot handle the exception.

I know using a breakpoint works but I would prefer not to run my test twice.

Found a way to do this in Unittest, I would like to know if something like this exists in Pytest.

Is there a way to catch unittest exceptions with PyCharm?

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Are you using pytest-pycharm plugin? Looks like it works for me. Create virtualenv, pip install pytest pytest-pycharm, use this virtualenv at PyCharm Edit configuration -> Python Interpreter and then run with Debug ... Example:

import pytest

def test_me():
    assert None

if __name__ == '__main__':

PyCharm debugger stops at assert None point, with (<class '_pytest.assertion.reinterpret.AssertionError'>, AssertionError(u'assert None',), None)


Set Preferences > Tools > Python Integration Tools > Default test runner to py.test. Then Run > Debug 'py.test in test_me.py'

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