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I`m trying to write editable list with sencha touch,

I saw many examples but nothing did not work properly so I decided to build from scratch,

I have a list with items and on item tap my controller run the next code

        showDetail: function (list, record) {

        xtype: 'vedit',
        title: record.fullDetails(),
        data: record.getData()

My "vEdit" screen is an form that should display the current tapped item data

This is the code for the edit form:

var form = Ext.define('TM.view.vEdit', {

extend: 'Ext.form.Panel',
xtype: 'vedit',

config: {
    title: 'Edit task',
    styleHtmlContent: true,
    scrollable: 'vertical',

    items: [
           xtype: 'textfield',
           name: 'title',
           label: ''
           xtype: 'textfield',
           name: 'desc',
           label: ''


I tried to load the data with the next code:

var ed = Ext.create('TM.model.mTasks', {
title: 'Ed',
desc: 'ed@sencha.com'



and getting the next error:

Uncaught TypeError: Object function () {
                return this.constructor.apply(this, arguments);
            } has no method 'setRecord' 



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Since you have not define a field named record in form's config, so you won't get setRecord() method.

To pass on data you may try doing this:

form.config.record = ed;

and in initialize function of view you can get it like:

var taskData = this.config.record;
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var form = Ext.define('TM.view.vEdit', {

Man, you need to create new form(), because it's just a type definition.

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