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I'm creating a java rest endpoing, and consuming it using Ruby.

In the ruby/rails world, using Active Resource, the urls can be either:




Currently my controller method looks like:

@RequestMapping(value = "/users.json", method = RequestMethod.GET)
public String list(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) {


I don't want to have to duplicate this method for mapping to the url with the .xml extension.

Can I do both urls somehow?

I also have to set the content type to either json or xml also.

I know the other way is for spring to look at the request header and then return either json or xml, but it seems for me to mimick how rails works I need to have users.json or users.xml (based on the url structure as oppose to the request header).

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Yes this is possible with Spring's ContentNegotiatingViewResolver. See this how-to blog post:

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when using @ResponseBody you will bypass ContentNegotiatingViewResolver.

let your url be /users instead of /users.json or /users.xml and set your Accept header in requestheaders to desired mediatype, framework will select appropriate messageconverter and does the job for you. Note: messageconverter should be present in your classpath.

Hope this helps.

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