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It looks like Zend Studio 9 "Remote Server Support" tool just ignores folders, beginning with a dot. And I hadn't found I it's possible to change this behavior.


  1. Suppose we've got the following set of files on a local Win7 x64 machine:

  2. Create a "PHP Project from existing directory" (directory = "a")

  3. Set up the connection (in Project properties -> Remote Server Support)

  4. Agree to upload data to the server.


  • b_file1 is uploaded OK.
  • c_file1 and .c1 are missing.
  • moreover(bonus): if one create a/b/.c2 folder, it would be uploaded, but a/b/.c2/c2_file would not.


How do I upload c_file and .c1 folder too?


Just in case my description wasn't accurate enough, here's 3.5 minutes long screenvideo (exactly the same as "Example" above).

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I've found a couple of ways to sync this folders anyway, regardless of "Remote Server Support"

  1. Here's an official Zend's article on how to do this with rsync

  2. Here's a tutorial on how to use another, more advanced external tool - unison, which can be "integrated" too.

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