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IntelliJ slows to a crawl. Hardly can type without 1-2 delay between keys. I've updated the heap-size. I'm running on about 2GB RAM on my Macbook Pro. Ever since it's been slowing down. I've increased the heap-size everywhere to no avail as follows:

  • in the info.plist (mac)
  • when it prompts to quit due to max heap
  • under preferences in compiler for java
  • android dx compiler

Really frustrated since it's never done this to me before. Just now, i hardly coding mostly browsing the web and IntelliJ hit its heap-size and prompted to quit.

Any suggestions? Thank you kindly.

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  1. Check that you are using the latest release or EAP version.
  2. Rename the following folders to start with all the default setting, clean caches and no third-party plug-ins:

    Settings: ~/Library/Preferences/IntelliJIdea12
    Caches: ~/Library/Caches/IntelliJIdea12
    Plugins: ~/Library/Application Support/IntelliJIdea12
  3. If the problem persists, submit a bug report and upload CPU/Memory snapshots to the FTP. Attach idea.log (Help | Reveal Log in ...) to the reported issue.

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Turning off Github (under Settings > Version Control) solved the problem.

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