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How strict is are the STRefs in the ST Monad? If I write something to an STRef, can I be sure it will be fully evaluated without space leaks?

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The ST monad itself is strict, in that it enforces strict event ordering. Intuitively, when you evaluate runST you won't get any information out "until" all reads and writes from memory are done. But, that is about it when it comes to enforcing strictness. For example, STRef is lazy by default (a strict version exists). You might want to recover strictness like

writeSTRef r $! 7

As to avoiding space leaks...this is a more complicated problem. Just using the right monad is not going to be good enough.

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This is the kind of thing you can easily test yourself.

Prelude Data.STRef Control.Monad.ST> :{
| runST $ do
|   newSTRef (error "strict!")
|   return "not strict!"
| :}
"not strict!"
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STrefs are lazy but the monad itself is strict...err well as strict as a monad can be – Philip JF Dec 30 '12 at 0:39

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