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I was wondering on how to initialize a point array when you declare it. I was thinking it would be similar to

int[] num = {4,7,8};

But I realized that points have x and y values so how would you do the above for point arrays?

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Consider doing something like:

Point[] myPoints = {
  new Point(1, 2),
  new Point(3, 4)

This is a specific case of the general reference array.

MyType[] myTypeArray = {
   new MyType(...),
   new MyType(...),
   // .... etc
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You mean, something like

int[][] num = new int[][] {
    new int[] {1, 2, 3},
    new int[] {4, 5, 6},
    new int[] {7, 8, 9},

int x = 1, y = 0;

System.out.println( num[y][x] );  // -> 2


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similar but it was for points not int, i got it ow thanks to another user but thanks for your help – Exikle Dec 30 '12 at 1:54
Either way, but using Point is definitly better, of course! – Yanick Rochon Dec 30 '12 at 1:55

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