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I'm working on a navigation bar with a drop-down menu (will add another one later). When the drop-menu is pressed, it shifts all nav links to the right. Desired behavior is all nav links are static. I tried using fixed on the div with an absolute css on the li tags but I.E. would render the li tags outside of the parent div.

My current implementation is using float:left but this isn't producing expected results either. The drop-down menu is the one labeled "Solace". Any help or suggestions are appreciated. I have created a demo which illustrates my problem. http://jsfiddle.net/xbB4M/1/.

Also, a side-question. If this warrants a new post, just let me know, and I will open a new question. Whenever a user clicks the drop-down menu, how can I listen for the next mouse click to close the drop-down menu?

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If you give your .menu class an absolute position it should stop the other menu items from sliding over to the right. As for your second question if you check the working example I added another click event handler for the menu items and if they are clicked it will close the menu.

Give this a try:

.menu {
    position: absolute;

Working Example: http://jsfiddle.net/fewds/xbB4M/5/

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