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I have a Perl variable that contains (linke ther termninal calles) the string "&00". It's possible that the string is present multiple times in the larger string.

How can I discover if the larger string contains the smaller string, to "chop" it? It's always present at the end of the string.

Something like:

if ($string =~ (m//))
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&00 or %00? title doesn't match body of question. what do you want to do if it is present multiple times? – ysth Dec 30 '12 at 3:12
"linke ther termninal calles" -- what does that mean? – Barmar Dec 30 '12 at 5:48

You can use the index function.

use strict;
use warnings;

my $sometext = "my text here contains &00 and some more text";
my $text_to_search = "&00";
print index($sometext, $text_to_search), "\n";

You can later use substr to chop it off.

my $idx = index($sometext, $text_to_search);
print substr($sometext, 0, $idx); # if it's to the end, you can alter to suit.
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Assuming, you want to check or replace just the end of the string,

if ($string =~ /\&00$/)

to detect it.

Or if you just want to replace it,

$string =~ s/(.*)\&00$/$1/
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If you only want to remove it if it is at the end:

if ( substr($string, -3) eq '&00' )
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