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*EDIT for others, i just discovered that the script works fine if i run it from command line. The SPYDER UI seems to be causing the memory issue.

I am attempting to create a folder of text files, 1 file per blast result. There will be over 3000 files created if it works. If I reduce the loop to only iterate over a small number of lines (ex: 2,4,6) then the program works but when I set it to loop over the entire FASTA file, there are NO output files created at all.

The odd thing is that if I keep running tests I eventually get that memory error in the python terminal on a previous line where I would create the BLAST database. Nothing works until I close the Spyder UI and repoen it. This seems to clear the memory and allow more tests.

If the file creation step caused the memory problem, why can I create a small number of the files and why is there data being held in memory after the script ends? I am curious if putting a pause in the loop will give the computer time to "catch up" and why I am running out of memory after running the script several times?

Here is the optimal loop with the loop iterating for the entire length of the ListOfLines. Each sequence is stored in 2 lines, line 1 is a name and line 2 is the sequence, therefore setting the loop to an even number of iterations will result in a smaller number of files created. Ex: 2 will create 1 file and this works perfectly. It is not a matter of it only being able to create 1 file because 4 lines will create 2 files! I feel like the loop is iterating too fast for the computer to keep up or something.

LineCounter = 0
while LineCounter < len(ListOfLines):
    Count2 = 0
    with open(Iteration,'w') as TmpFile:
        while Count2 < 2:
            if Count2 == 0:
                TmpString1 = ListOfLines[LineCounter].split(">",1)
                TmpString2 = TmpString1[1].split("|",1)
                FileName = TmpString2[0]
            Count2 += 1
            LineCounter += 1
    os.system(Run_BLASTn + FileName + ".txt")

I am at a loss as to why i am getting the memory error!

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How big is the FASTA file? I have a feeling that you are reading in more data in ListOfLines than can be held in memory –  inspectorG4dget Dec 30 '12 at 4:08
The FASTA contains 3592 sequences but ListOfLines doesnt change if i create 3 files or 3592 files. I only run out of memory if i keep running the script. When i attempt to create all the text files i get NO output files. –  user1933192 Dec 30 '12 at 4:21
Try flushing the write to the file. Perhaps there's a buffer that's taxing the memory –  inspectorG4dget Dec 30 '12 at 5:20
I tried running the script from command line instead of spyder interface and for some reason it works fine that way. –  user1933192 Dec 30 '12 at 5:42

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