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I am working with Ubuntu 12.04.1 . I am learning to make a basic video player using FFmpeg library in C . My manual pages don't show any entries for the headers/functions of the library . Can someone please show me a way to add the documentation to my manual pages .
It is much easy to search that way than searching on a web page everytime .

PS : I have tried to add documentation to man pages using Synaptic package manager . I installed a ffmpeg-doc package . But it doesn't seem to work .

Thanks .

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does this solve your problem -


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Thanks for the answer . But I am not sure about the steps that I need to follow now . My environment is different and I installed all my libraries through Synaptic Package Manager , not from command line . Can you give me specific steps to only get the man pages for the FFmpeg library ? –  jsp99 Dec 30 '12 at 7:35

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