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I'm building a website where tournament organizers can post tournaments and amateur sports teams can register for those tournaments. Most sports teams only have checking accounts, so they need to be able to pay with their bank account. What service(s) can I use to have teams pay the tournament organizers that will give them the option of paying by credit card or bank account?

Here are some options I looked into so far:

Stripe.js Connect

Stripe connect would require the organizers to have business licenses (which they don't). Also, they only support credit card payments.

Stripe.js Standard

It is against their terms of service to act as a payment aggregator. They built Connect for this purpose.

Amazon FPS

They won't let me charge the teams until the tournament happens. Organizers need the money though to pay for expenses. Also, they don't seem to offer payment by bank account in this case.

Google checkout

In order to connect their google account to my site, the organizer would have to go through a process that is too technical and not user friendly. They also don't offer bank account payments.


I know its possible for the teams to pay the organizers directly, but I didn't see how on their site. Also, they don't offer bank account payments.


They have a service called "Multi Merchant Online Payment Processing". I cannot find details on their site about how this works or if they offer bank account payments.


They would let the teams pay me by check and I can pay the organizers. But they won't let organizers pay teams directly. That means I would be responsible if the organizer is a fraud or doesn't host the tournament for some reason. I could be liable for $200k+ for one tournament. They also don't support credit card payments.

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I found another payment processor called WePay that I think will work for me. They let buyers pay without having an account. They offer credit card and bank account payments. The buyer never even has to know they're going through a third party. If I didn't need the bank account payments, I would probably use another one I found called Balanced. – Brian Dec 30 '12 at 19:05

I would recommend going with PayPal. Depending on your needs you could utilize Payments Standard, Express Checkout, Adaptive Payments, or Payments Pro.

People with PayPal accounts would be able to submit payments through PayPal and they could choose to fund the payment using their bank account, so in a way this is like a bank transfer. People without PayPal accounts could checkout using a credit card and would not have to create an account (this is called Guest Checkout).

If you want an actual ACH direct deposit you'll need to go with a merchant provider like PayLeap, Group ISO, or any number of other traditional merchant accounts that allow you to work directly with ACH. This is where the payer would enter their bank account number and routing number to submit the payment.

Again, though, you mention that most of the teams only have bank accounts. Just get them to create a PayPal account if they don't already have one and then they can attach their bank account to their PayPal account to submit payments directly from their bank. You can even streamline the process of creating PayPal accounts using the Adaptive Accounts API.

When working this way, if the payer has a credit card added to the account as well the funds will be instantly transferred so you don't have to wait on the e-check to clear. Then if the bank doesn't have sufficient funds it'll pull the money off the credit card. If there is no credit card added to the payer account then the e-check will need a few days to clear on the receiving end, so you'll want to keep that in mind.

Instant Payment Notification (IPN) can be used to manage when payments are completed/cleared.

Hope that helps.

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I'll consider Paypal as an option, but it looks like they won't have the option of using a bank account directly in the buy process. They will have to go manage their Paypal account, then set up their bank account, and then go back to register for the tournament, right? – Brian Dec 30 '12 at 19:01
That's where the Adaptive Accounts API could help. You can tie the process creating new accounts for people that don't have them directly into your sign-up flow. Also, using PayPal is much more safe and secure for your users as they're not sharing their actual bank account info with anybody. All the receiver of the money knows is the email address and maybe a shipping address, but no bank account or billing info is ever shared with any seller. Buyers like this once they understand it, so maybe educate them a little bit during signup, tie in Adaptive Accounts, and you'll be good to go. :) – Andrew Angell Dec 30 '12 at 23:31
Keep in mind, too, that if you go with a standard merchant account that provides ACH options, each receiver of funds will need their own merchant account setup and you'll need to build your apps to send to the correct receiver accordingly. You mention payment aggregation under the Stripe section, but nobody will want you to do that and if they see it they'll stop it. – Andrew Angell Dec 30 '12 at 23:33

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