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Can anyone suggest me which is a more stable & reliable choice for a dedicated server.

I have to build a business application having a client-server architecture over internet which has a structure like this->

Java Client App ---( TCP through Sockets )----- > Java Servlet-- (IPC through sockets) -- > C++ Business Logic.

It needs to be highly portable as we can't say beforehand the target environment of the client, so java will be the best choice for it according to me. It might be an applet embedded in the webpage or as a seperated application available to run on the target machine. It will be interacting with the java servelet through java sockets. The servelet should be interacting with the business logic built in C++.

I will be using java just for the communication part over the internet as it has a very simple implementation of TCP sockets and all the rest of the business logic will be there in C++ as i mainly have my experience in it.

I have no previous experience in server administration. We can't use windows server as it won't be affordable for us. It will be our first server.

Any kind of suggestion would be welcomed..

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It's been a long time since I played with either, but where I worked a few years ago, we were using CentOS servers at all our sites. They had perfect reliability and never had a single problem for the ~4 years I worked there.

As I was told, CentOS is more "bleeding edge", whereas Fedora was more tested and stable. That could be completely wrong, though... it was a long time ago and I was only told that by word-of-mouth.

But yeah, I can vouch for the stability of CentOS a few years back, and one would hope that they've only improved on it since then.

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Fedora is bleeding edge compared to CentOS. CentOS, like RHEL, uses slightly older (by default), and often more stable, packages (though you can use other repos to get newer packages most of the time). –  geerlingguy May 23 '13 at 13:08

Where I worked last summer, they were using CentOS in production for it's reliability. I was also told that the OS's goal was to be constant and not have major system updates that changed the whole architecture. The OS's future being stable, I was told CentOS is a good long term choice as a production OS.

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