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I've been trying to change the background color for the 'quick-fixes' pop-up (the pop up that lists ways to fix an error) in eclipse juno. Currently the color is black and the text is blue which makes it very hard to read.

I cant find the correct way to change the color. Please help. Its really annoying to squint and have to read blue text on a black background.

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Hey buddy did you find the solution? if yes, could you please share it? –  Rasoolll Aug 4 at 10:40

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Right Click anywhere in the Editor Window, and at the bottom of the context menu select Preferences. This will bring you into Java -> Editor. At the bottom ofthat window select the element colors you wish to change, in your case Parameter hints background and Parameter hints background or Completion overview background and Completion overview foreground, depending on which one it is you are having a problem with.

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nope that doesnt work. The box background itself is a different color (black). Changing the parameters doesn't do anything. I'll try to upload an image. –  Vizzle Jan 23 '13 at 6:59

This was driving me nuts as well, here is the fix.

  • Go to preferences.

  • Search for "Annotations"

    for each Annotation Type:
       if "Text as" == "Highlighted" and Color == black:
           Set the color to light or uncheck "Text As"

In this screen shot, I am fixing Occurrences.

The problem I show to the left is the "Matching Tags" annotation which had the same problem.

Screen Shot showing Preference Repair

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