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I am Using Following Validation.xml Is It Corret For Doing Validations
For Inputting Name, Age, Email,Telephone In My Struts Application, what is the
validation-rules.xml for it.............................** Please Help Me.....


   <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
   <!DOCTYPE form-validation PUBLIC     
   "-//Apache Software Foundation//DTD Commons Validator Rules Configuration   
  <form name="CustomerForm">         
  <field property="name" depends="required">             
  <arg key="label.name" />         
  <field property="age" depends="required, integer, intRange">  
  <arg0 key="label.age" />             
  <arg1 key="${var:min}" resource="false"/>
  <arg2 key="${var:max}" resource="false"/>             
<field property="telephone" depends="required, mask">             
   <arg key="label.telephone" />             
   <arg1 key="label.telephone" />             
<field property="email" depends="email">             
  <arg0 key="label.email" />             
  <arg1 key="label.email" />         
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As far as the validation.xml goes it looks alright to me. I hope you have made the necessary entries in MessageResources.properties file. Unless I'm mistaken you are using the above from another example on the web. I had come across it while searching for something about validation.xml.

If you have any queries do let me know as I have successfully done the validations.

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