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I get data from DB:

        SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand("SELECT * FROM ItemShape", conn);


        SqlDataReader reader = cmd.ExecuteReader();

And I need to fill my control with recived data,like this :

         foreach (DataRow item in dt.Rows)
           lbxObjects.DisplayMember = item["Shape"].ToString();
           lbxObjects.ValueMember = item["ID"].ToString();

But my control is empty after Debugging any idea what is wrong with the above?

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What do you see when you put a breakpoint on the foreach line? –  Tieson T. Dec 30 '12 at 9:14
Records from DataBase –  Michael Dec 30 '12 at 9:16

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(sorry - I was too much into ASP.NET where my first approach would have worked - but in Winforms, it doesn't..)

You can use something like this - load the data into a DataTable (so your control has all the data available) and bind that:

using (SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand("SELECT * FROM ItemShape", conn))
    SqlDataAdapter dap = new SqlDataAdapter(cmd);
    DataTable tblShapes = new DataTable();

    // define Display and Value members
    lbxObjects.DisplayMember = "Shape";
    lbxObjects.ValueMember = "ID";

    // set the DataSource to the DataTable 
    lbxObjects.DataSource = tblShapes;

That way, you don't have to manually iterate the list - the Listbox class will do that for you! You just need to define which collection of items to bind (by setting the DataSource), and which property of each item to use as DisplayMember and as ValueMember

And while you're at it - if you only need ID and Shape from that table - say so in your SELECT!

using (SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand("SELECT ID, Shape FROM ItemShape", conn))

There's no point in retrieving all columns if you really only need two of them ...

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Tnx marc,it's work! –  Michael Dec 30 '12 at 9:45

use the following code:

while (dataReader.Read())
            object ID = dataReader["ID"];
            object shape = dataReader["shape"];
            lbxObjects.Items.Add(ID.ToString() + ": " +  shape.ToString());
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Its not a good way to populate listbox –  Learning Dec 30 '12 at 9:45
Generally, I agree, it is necessary to set the listBox's DataSource property in such cases. Anyway, I decided to show how to populate the listBox manually by iterating the DataReader –  platon Dec 30 '12 at 9:48

You have to use reader as datasource of listbox

using( SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand("SELECT * FROM ItemShape", conn))
          using(SqlDataReader reader = cmd.ExecuteReader())
                   lbxObjects.Text= item["Shape"].ToString();
                   lbxObjects.Value= item["ID"].ToString();
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This doesn't work in Winforms - just tried it myself. The listbox stays empty. You need to either load the entire data into a DataTable or iterate yourself. In ASP.NET, the call to .DataBind() will do this for you - not here in Winforms, however... –  marc_s Dec 30 '12 at 9:46
okay, thanx for giving this learning .. –  Learning Dec 30 '12 at 9:49

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