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The question is simple: when should I implement IModelBinder and when IModelBinderProvider?

Thanks in advance!

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IModelBinderProvider is a factory that supplies IModelBinder implementations. For simple cases where a type always uses the same model binder you just need to use IModelBinder. You would implement IModelBinderProvider for more complex cases where you need to dynamically determine which model binder to use.

Jimmy Bogard and Brad Wilson explain it better than I can.

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When you use IModelBinderProvider you still need use IModelBinder for binder class

  We use IModelBinderProvider to help us don't need to register manual like
    ModelBinders.Binders.Add(typeof(HomePageModels1), new HomeCustomBinder1());
    ModelBinders.Binders.Add(typeof(HomePageModels2), new HomeCustomBinder2());


We just need add 1 line

ModelBinderProviders.BinderProviders.Add(new YourModelBinderProvider());

An when controller has parameter. it will auto call method

public IModelBinder GetBinder(Type modelType)

For you customize your model

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