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Is anybody knows , how we can Originate an external number call using PHP AGI script ?

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You have got two possible options. One is use the "Originate" command. See for an example.

The other one, which is what I favor in my solutions, since it does not require AMI, is using spooled call files. See for how to do them. The trick, and I cannot stress it enough, is to create the spool file in /tmp and then "move" the file into the ../spool/asterisk/outgoing directory.

If you assign a unique channel variable key/value to the spooled call, you can then pick it up with your dial plan and route the call appropriately.

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asterisk -rx "channel originate SIP/<number>@test extension <extension>@<channel>"') – bizzr3 Dec 31 '12 at 16:51

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