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I'm trying to add a new field type for Joomla's AdsManager (advertising board) as it can't be achieved properly with native fields. The field should contain 2 text inputs - from [ ] to [ ].

My current code is:

$return .= "
<label for='".$name."from'>from</label>&nbsp;
<input id='".$name."from' name='".$name."[]' type='text' size='3' maxlength='2' />&nbsp;
<label for='".$name."to'>to</label>&nbsp;
<input class='adsmanager' id='".$name."to' name='".$name."[]' type='text' size='3' maxlength='2' />\n";

Say the user types 18 in the first input and 60 in the second. It gets written as ,18,60, in the database field. The question is, how do I get that array properly so it would 1) display it as 18-60 (not ,18,60,) in the ad 2) put 18 in the first input and 60 in the second (not ,18,60, in each) when the field is edited.

I guess there's something to deal with $value as it's shown just as

function showFieldValue($content,$field)
    $return = "";
    if ((strpos($field->catsid, ",".$content->catid.",") !== false)||(strpos($field->catsid, ",-1,") !== false))
        if ($field->title)
            $name = $field->name;

        $value = "";
        $content = $content;
        $val = "\$content->".$field->name;
        $fieldname = $field->name;
        eval("if (isset($val)) \$value = \"$val\";");
        $value = JText::_(str_replace('::',': :',$value));
            ... // other field types
            case 'age':
            $return .= $value;
        return $return;

for other text fields as they're not arrays.

But I'm failing to create correct code for this one to make it work properly. Sorry for being a noob.

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show us full code where $return .= $value; line written – GBD Dec 30 '12 at 10:31
You should have two separate database fields for such values. They are free. – moonwave99 Dec 30 '12 at 11:25
What is the purpose of storing the min/max for these in the same field? – Jared Farrish Dec 30 '12 at 11:36
GBD, I've just added that code – tinor Dec 30 '12 at 11:58
Also, use @username to notify someone in comments you're talking to them (one per comment, restricted to those in that comment stream or the OP/answeree)). So, you would do @GBD to the comment and that user should get notified. However, to notify moonwave99 or myself, you would have to make a new comment per user. Welcome to SO. – Jared Farrish Dec 30 '12 at 12:20

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