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Google is providing a very nice documentation of the contacts provider in Android API. (You can see it HERE. It has a full details of all tables and columns names used in these databases. I tried to look for the same for sms and mms databases (which are located in mmssms.db) but I could not see any documentation for that. So my questions are:

  • First, is it true that there is no such documentation ?
  • If yes, why google tried to keep this away from us ?
  • And, in your opinion, how can I get more details about the tables used and a description of each column in that table (i.e. what each column is used for).

By the way, I need this information to write a java program that will read sms/mms data. You can assume that I already got mmssms.db file.

Thanks, and I appreciate any help.

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  1. There is no official documentation about sms and mms database in android

  2. ............

  3. You can get a lot of information about what each column is used for from the Telephony.java. You can get the file here. Telephony.java

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