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I'm writing a custom reactor for twisted and it needs some cleaning to do when it has to stop. I tried overriding the stop method like this:

def stop(self):
    #cleanup code here

It does, however, seem to not always be called. When I run trial like this python -m cProfile /usr/bin/trial -r custom tests/ | grep "stop" the only stop methods that are called are:

    2    0.000    0.000    0.000    0.000 abstract.py:397(stopReading)
    1    0.000    0.000    0.000    0.000 abstract.py:405(stopWriting)
    1    0.000    0.000    0.000    0.000 log.py:691(stop)
    1    0.000    0.000    0.000    0.000 protocol.py:678(stopProtocol)
    3    0.000    0.000    0.000    0.000 reporter.py:97(stopTest)
    3    0.000    0.000    0.000    0.000 result.py:79(stopTest)
    1    0.000    0.000    0.000    0.000 udp.py:218(stopListening)
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Don't do this. Don't subclass the reactor, don't override methods on it. If you want to run code when the reactor stops, use reactor.addSystemEventTrigger("before", "shutdown", f) (or "during" shutdown or "after" shutdown).

Or use a higher level API and define a Service with a stopService method and hook your service up to the application.

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