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I am writing an app using backbone and have got to a complete sticking point and cannot seem to find out with the touchend event is being fired on the touchstart the second time around.

The first time I tap the '.slider' div everything works well. However the second time I touch the screen to move slides it fires the touchend function straight away - instead of waiting until the touchend event. Is there a special way of dealing with touch events and backbone?

Here is my view code:

navigateTouch :function (event) {
    var xOrigPos = event.originalEvent.touches[0].pageX;
    var startPos = parseInt($('.slider', this.$el).css('margin-left'));
    var xPos = event.originalEvent.touches[0].pageX;
    var move;
    var stage = this.model.get('stage');
    var extraMargin = parseInt($('.graphic', this.$el).css('margin-right'));
    var movementSize = $('.slide', this.$el).width()+extraMargin;
    var narrativeSize = $('.graphic', this.$el).length;
    $('.slider', this.$el).on('touchmove', function (event) {
        xPos = event.originalEvent.touches[0].pageX;
        move = (xPos + startPos) - (xOrigPos);
        $('.slider', this.$el).css('margin-left', move);
    $('.slider', this.$el).one('touchend', function (event) {
        $('.slider', this.$el).unbind('touchmove');
        if (xPos < xOrigPos) {
            stage ++;
            $('.slider', this.$el).animate({'margin-left': -(movementSize*stage)});    
        if (xPos > xOrigPos) {
            stage --;
            $('.slider', this.$el).animate({'margin-left': -(movementSize*stage)})
        $('.progress', this.$el).removeClass('selected').eq(stage).addClass('selected');


my view has this in the events:

events: {
    'click .controls':'navigateClick',
    'click .progress':'navigateProgress',
    'touchstart .slider':'navigateTouch'

and my template renders out this:

<div class="slide">
     <a href="#" class="button controls left">
     <a href="#" class="button controls right">
     <div class="slider clearfix">
          {{#each graphic}}
          <div class="graphic">
               <img src="{{image}}" alt="{{alt}}" title="{{graphicTitle}}"/>
     <div class="indicators">
        {{#each graphic}}
        <a href="#" class="button progress"></a>

I have a feeling it may be something to do with how I am attaching the events but cannot find anything about attaching events inside of an event using backbone.

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Solved my own question...whooo!turns out firing an alert on the touchend event causes another touchstart event to be called when the 'ok' button is clicked. Only on iPhones and iPads...weird.

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Hello, I'm having the same problem. How did you solve it? did you have to remove the alert? –  alemangui Oct 15 '13 at 14:01
Simply removing the alert solved it. Which makes sense as the iphone takes the touch event of touching the alert as a valid event. –  darylhedley Oct 15 '13 at 21:08

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