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i get crawled website from bean via getWebsite(). I get website some time and some time get My question is i want to replace with "" to setEmail() to bean instead of that. Is it possible with help of substring and replaceAll method?

i tried myself on bellow

    String s=str.substring(0,11);
    System.out.println("String s (0,11) :"+s);
    String string=str.substring(0,7);
    System.out.println("string  (0,7):"+string);
    String name=str.substring(11);
    String name1=str.substring(7);
    System.out.println("name  :"+name);
    boolean b=((!(s.length()==11)) || (string.length()==7))? true : ((!(string.length()==7)) || (s.length()==11))? false : true ;
        System.out.println("condition TRUE");
        String replaceString=string.replaceAll(string,"info@");
        System.out.println("replaceString  :"+replaceString+name1);
        System.out.println("condition FALSE");
        String replaceString=s.replaceAll(s,"info@");
        System.out.println("replaceString  :"+replaceString+name);
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I'm sorry, but this looks like a code obfuscation contest winner. What are you really trying to do? – duffymo Dec 30 '12 at 12:40
Why not use URI? – fge Dec 30 '12 at 12:45

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An example

String orig = "Hello World!";

String repl = orig.substring(6, 11); // "World"

String newstr = orig.replaceAll(repl, "user1937829"); // Hello user1937829!

In your case, you don't need http://(www)

String newstr = orig.replaceAll("www", "").replaceAll("http://", "info@");

newstr will be equal to if orig is or

Hope this is all you wanted.

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You need to use regular expression in replace function

String str1= "";
String str2 = "";
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ok don't give yourself a hard time on it, just replace the http:// or the other possible patterns using the str.replaceAll() in the string with info@. Using a regular expression is recommended

String str = "";

str = str.replaceAll("http:\\/\\/(www\\.)?","info@");

well my question is? what are you trying to do?

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